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Welcome to Animal Fair, the pet shop extraordinaire

I went to the Animal Fair
The birds and the beasts were there.

This children’s song was the inspiration for my new pet shop’s name when I opened the store in 2001.

Animal Fair is a fun place where we celebrate pets and the human-animal bond every day. Your pets are welcome in our shop, although they are not welcome to visit our animals. We usually have a special treat for our animal guests at the front counter and we are happy to help you fit collars, leads, jackets, beds — whatever!

Animal Fair’s focus is on helping you obtain the best food, treats, toys and other supplies and necessities for all the pets in your life — from dogs and cats, to fish and reptiles, bunnies and birds.

In our 3000 square feet, we stock a wide variety of high quality foods and treats. Some of our brands are

Blue Buffalo
Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals
SunSeed …. and more.

We are happy to special order any foods, treats, or other items that can be obtained from through our regular distributors.

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  1. Hector permalink
    May 8, 2015 3:18 pm

    Hello my name is hector i just wonder if you have lovebirds im looking for a pair of pied peach face lovebirds?

    Thank you

    • May 8, 2015 9:05 pm

      Animal Fair — the birds and the beasts *were* there. However, the store is now closed and I have retired. I have not had lovebirds of any color in several years. Good luck — I think lovies are hard to find right now.

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